Dr. Dee S. Stevens, D.C. has been practicing chiropractic care for 34 years. He has worked with the L.A. Rams, the California Angels, the Mighty Ducks professional hockey team, and the U.S.C. Trojans. Because of this experience and training Dr. Stevens performed Chiropractic and rehab on many professional, Olympic, and college athletes.

Dr. Stevens is also one of the original inventors of Easy Pickins Fruit Harvester, a patented tool to help us single-handedly pick fruit quickly, easily, and safely. He and his team at RAD Innovations are working on several other innovations

How does it work?

With our masterfully crafted fruit picker you can make harvesting your fruit a breeze. Instead of the traditional fruit picker that can only hold a few fruits at a time, we have made it so you can harvest crates at a time

  • Save Time Ditch The Ladder

    Avoid hazardous situations by keeping your two feet firmly planted on the ground. The Easy Pickins Fruit harvester allows you to pick fruit safely from the ground.

  • Easy Set Up

    Have your Easy Pickins Fruit Harvester set up and ready for picking within minutes of opening up the box.

  • Anti-Bruise Fruit Funnel

    Keep your fruit fresh with our patent pending soft catch fruit funnel which guides the fruit gently down the sock.